Unit 2 Astonfields Road, Whitehouse Industrial Estate, Runcorn, Cheshire WA7 3DL

Design & Manufacturing

Supreme are first and foremost a visor manufacturer.

We are specialists in the field of sensory protection in extreme industrial environments and in threatening situations such as riots and mine clearance. Our business is devoted to designing, prototyping and manufacturing for;

  • OEMs
  • Industry
  • Large international agencies
  • Supreme branded visors and helmets

Our manufacturing facilities include;

Vacuum Forming

Our vacuum forming facilities are used to prepare the basic structure for;

  • Supreme branded helmets
  • Point of Sale items
  • Special products such as trays, display cases etc.

Whether these products are supplied to the Police and Armed Forces or to industry our skilled technicians and designers produce only quality products to the most demanding of standards.

Our Complete Service Includes:
  • Concept design
  • Prototyping
  • Full cost breakdown
  • Tool manufacture
  • CNC programming for all sizes of production run
  • High speed visor manufacture
  • Packaging and delivery

Our Vacuum Forming Capabilities

  • All forms trimmed to customer requirements
  • Forming capability – 1m x 1.5 m x 0.5m draw, with material thickness up to 8 mm in many different plastics
  • Processing and finishing – trimming, painting, bonding, piercing and all assembly work to complete the products

Production Machinery

Our vacuum forming facilities are used to prepare the basic structure for;


  • Automated packaging machine, for blister packs and thin vacuum forms
  • Geiss semi-automatic Vacuum former
  • ‘Free blowing’ table for C.C.T.V. domes


  • Sisco 60 tonne fully automatic Press
  • Samco 15 tonne swing beam presses
  • Fly, toggle and foot operated presses


  • 5 axis C.N.C. Geiss Routing Centre
  • 54” fully programmable guillotine
  • Manual routing machines
  • De-spooling machinery
  • Branding machines, automatic and manual
  • Horizontal and vertical band saws with conveyor facilities
  • Air circulating ovens
  • Glue dispensing machines
  • Acrylic line bending machine


  • Granulators for re-cycling plastics


  • Metal bending machine
  • M.I.G. and arc welders
  • Maintenance workshop