Unit 2 Astonfields Road, Whitehouse Industrial Estate, Runcorn, Cheshire WA7 3DL

SV Designed to Fit

Acetate Visors

Manufactured to resist paint solvents for the re-finish industry, they include studs to fit removable visors when appropriate.

Visor Templates

When instructed to design for our customers we have a full solidworks suite which we can design in 3d and supply digital models prior to prototyping, then we can cut a prototype out from thin plastic to check the fit and the aesthetics – this can also be used for test specimens, later tooling can be made to the exact size of this prototype.

Visor Tear Offs

We manufacture for all the shotblasting helmets available, we use crystal clear material and we recycle all the offcuts. We designed our own 60 tonne machine for this and are capable of producing over 1 tonne of visors per day!

Self Adhesive Visors

We can manufacture these visors and apply a self adhesive die cut tape to the perimeter at a set design and a set distance in from the edge, for double glazing a visor – such as a chemical suit made from PVC – this visor can then give an anti-mist surface to the inside.